Rewind, relax and rejuvenate

Allow yourself to reduce stress, relieve aches and pains and help clear your mind.

Achieve a feeling of total bliss and relaxation, with all the wonderful added benefits.

When you reward yourself with a Massage treatment…the end result will be wonderful, for you are now giving back to yourself.

Give your body the attention it needs from your head all the way down to your toes.

massage table

Understanding a person’s needs, whether it’s the receptionist with a tight neck or the bricklayer who needs his lower back looked after, this is what I do.  The massage I perform is a lot more than simply applying the correct techniques or strokes; by using aromatherapy oils and paying close attention to your needs and how you feel are of utmost importance.  A customer of mine constantly comments that I seem to just know where to go and how firm the pressure should be without her having to saying a word.  This means she can still “relax”, even though I am using quite firm pressure at intervals and alleviating tight, painful tension. I believe strongly in the fact that if I can maintain my client’s state of relaxation throughout the most of each session, then the muscles that I need to work on will also be relaxed, therefore creating as little pain as possible with the biggest benefits and end result.

Massage can provide immense benefits to those who receive it, reduce fatigue, assist with muscle tightness, boost your energy levels, plus giving you a well earned break, as well as helping with insomnia (a high majority of my clients do fall into a deep sleep during a session…and sleep like babies afterwards!)

At Mindful Healing – Massage and Body Care” all my services are suitable for the whole family, from the very young, to the elderly, plus males and females.  I offer full body massage that can include the feet, hands, face, scalp and stomach.  The effect from a good massage is not only extraordinary the feeling alone is purely fantastic.

My room is ambient, warm and professionally suited to massage, the table has a memory foam top with an electric blanket for those cold winter days. A heated towel rack and warmed oil is also a decadent addition for the ultimate experience.  All oil (water soluble or coconut oil) is removed with warm towels so no oily residue is left behind, allowing to leave feeling totally alive and fresh.

Once you’ve had an hour, indulge your senses with either a 90 min or a two-hour session!!

Let yourself float away and disappear from the world for a while…you deserve it.

Introductory offer is one hour for $40, 90 min $65

& 2 hours $90


One hour $50

90 min $90

Two hours $100

Gift certificates are also available upon request


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