Life Guidance

“Keep doing the same thing and you’re likely

to produce the same results”

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Wouldn’t you like this outcome to be different and actually start achieving the things you desire and dream of?  Of course you do!  Congratulations on taking the first step and reading this – I’m here to help you; and with Life Guidance we can make real changes more quickly and more effectively than you possibly could on your own.

So, what is Life Guidance and how can it help you?

I assist you to identify your unique strengths, values and passions and develop your confidence, courage and creativity so you can pursue what is meaningful to you.

This can be achieved by releasing old patterns and blocks and stepping into the life you’ve always dreamed of with the use of various techniques like:

  • NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming – enables you to have more choice in your life.
  • Matrix (Time line therapy) is a process that assists us:
    1. To let go of Negative Emotions from the past.
    2. To let go of Limiting Decisions from the past.
    3. Create our future the way we want it.

    These are the three major techniques that comprise Matrix Therapy—they are easy to do and make a significant change in a your life.

  • mBraining (multiple brain awareness of our Heart, Gut and Head) and many other techniques designed to get  the results you need. Learn and understand how to communicate with yourself on a whole new level.
  • GROW model – looking closely at what your goal, what’s happening now, what needs to be done and finally how to actually what you want.
  • Meditation – your mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s not, so through a clever future pace meditation we embed your new reality to make things a lot easier for you to then action your new beginning.
  • Plus many more – even a simple technique to make something you want to stop (yet love it!) like a food or drink, to something you don’t like!  Great for mild addictions to things you really want to get rid of.

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First 1 hour session is complimentary so we can both see if Life Guidance is going to serve you in achieving your outcome.

A Life Guidance session is $70 for approx 1 hour and 15min


Packages are also available:

3 x sessions for $200

6 x sessions for $300

12 x sessions for $550